Welcome to Stay Easy

Pet and house sitting full service – Northern Suburbs

We are a House and Petsitting Company that takes care of your home and your pets to allow you to have a fabulous time away, knowing that your home and pets are taken care of.

We also do visits, this entails going twice a day to feed the animals, play with them for an hour, brush them out and lock up the house, switch lights on, off in the morning, in other words not actually staying in the home.

Pet-Sitting Services

  • Food, fresh water or treats provided in clean bowl daily
  • Administering of medicines,vitamins,or any other special needs as required.
  • Full health checks.
  • Letting pets out as needed
  • Indoor and outdoor clean-up of pet accidents.
  • Optional daily SMS reports on pets with Photo
  • Great for dogs, cats, birds, fish and lots more!

House-Sitting Services

  • Perimeter checks daily
  • Arming of alarm
  • Electricity checks,fridge,freezer,geyser,pool,exct.
  • Collecting of post and papers
  • Opening closing curtains ,blinds,exct.
  • Putting lights on and off
  • Watering of plants,in and outdoors
  • Back washing pool and adding chemicals
  • Putting trash bin in and out
  • Optional daily SMS report on property.

Why Choose Stay Easy?

  • Our track record is perfect and we have excellent references
  • Your home and possessions will be treated properly, with respect
  • Your pets will be treated lovingly and their daily routine will not be interrupted
  • Your home, possession and pets will be safe at all times!

When you are away from home there is nothing more comforting than knowing what’s going on at home and having your pets at home in the environment they love. We will put your mind at ease, so that you can truly Stay Easy!

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